Integration of air scrubber systems is the best solution


Biological air scrubbers or washers are applied more and more. These systems are much larger than conventional chemical air scrubbers. Environmental requirements have become more stringent as well. As a result, it is not allowed anymore to place an air scrubber outside of the building, but only allowed integrate it into the farm. Genugten Agri has developed an efficient system to integrate the air scrubbers of various suppliers completely into a farm building.

The flooring of an integrated air washer can be made of wooden beams or concrete slabs. The surface of the flooring will be covered with a double layer polyester armament. All drains and separation walls are integrated into the floor in a waterproof way. The PVC walls themselves are waterproof and can be equipped with extra insulation upon request. Polyester profile plates are applied at the air inlets. Polyester gutters are applied to prevent inflow of rain water. All materials are very durable and will be mounted in a waterproof way. One can significantly save on the total costs by integrating the air scrubber in the centre of the building.

Would you like advice on how your air washer can be integrated, please make an appointment with one of our sales representatives.

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