Resize slats gaps with GECO floor coating with fibre glass strips

It is a common problem in many farms: slatted floors that have worn so much that the gaps between the slats have become too wide. This problem specifically affects the floor sections in front of the troughs, and can be a reason for inspection bodies to issue a negative report. Replacing the floors is very costly since it requires all the interior fittings and fixtures to be dismantled and then installed again afterwards. Genugten Agri B.V. has developed a straightforward, sustainable and affordable solution for this.


This solution consists of the application of a three-layer epoxy GECO coating system to the worn slatted floors. To improve the gaps in the grid in the slatted floors and decrease their width, this coating application is combined with polyester corner sections that are applied on one or both sides. These fibre glass sections are highly wear-resistant and the epoxy coating is an excellent adhesive that perfectly bonds them to the concrete floors. This treatment improves the floors, giving them a longer service life than new floors.