Construction of a complete pig farm in Pasewalk (north of Berlin) is progressing steadily.
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A large German agricultural business assigned Genugten Agri B.V. to build a completely new pig farm with capacity for 5500 fatteners. Our company has been asked to actually build the entire farm, and that's a great challenge!

We are responsible for: dismantling the old buildings, the earthwork, the entire construction and furnishing of the pig farm including ventilation, electric systems, heating, feeding system, water supply and all interior fixtures and fittings. Next to the pig houses there will be a separate building for the technical systems, a loading area, dressing rooms and other rooms. We are also constructing the fire extinguishing water basin, the fence with gates, a septic tank, paving, a weighbridge, rainwater drainage, manure storage and the utilities outside the pig houses. Because we do everything, our customer has only one contact, enabling straightforward, quick communication and decision-making and minimising confusion and mistakes. And because we manage everything ourselves, we can work fast and efficiently enabling us to offer lower total costs of investment than our competitors.