Improved automatic roaming stall

The 4-day requirement is a hot topic in the Netherlands. Some German federal states may impose a complete ban on sow cubicles. In short, we have not yet heard the last word on sow crates. The roaming stall we have developed is ideal for the waiting and service areas since it allows pig farmers to select and easily adjust how sows can access these stalls.

The automatic roaming stall can be set to the following positions:

1. Sow roams freely in and freely out (standard)
2. Sow roams freely in but not out (after feeding in the evenings, or before inseminating)
3. Sow roams freely out but not in (when relocating the sow)
4. Sows are kept in place (if individual sows are to be relocated or if sows are to receive treatment)
5. Individual sow is kept in place (for sows that no longer fit in a group)

Manual operation of the box is always possible, for example to keep an individual sow in place or let it roam freely.
A special fence has now been developed for the waiting area, enabling pig farmers to determine the group size themselves. A convenient facility is the gate in the centre of the fence that enables the animals to be inspected.