Pad-Cooling: Now also available for your farm.


Genugten Agri BV provides a highly effective air conditioning system by means of a WKO installation. Genugten Agri BV has included a pad cooling system into her assortment, which is a much cheaper alternative.

The pad cooling systems have been applied in the poultry industry for many years in South European countries. Conventionally, cheap paper pads have been used for the evaporation of water. Genugten Agri BV has chosen to apply plastics in her system, because the durability is almost infinite less. The water is captured in a plastic holding container from where the water is distributed equally to the pads by a pump and dispersion system. All materials are of a robust German make and come in various standard packages. Cool pad systems are available for as little as 3 euro per fattening unit.

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