“Soft-Air” ventilation ceiling with ‘Fresh Nose’ tube

Frisse neuzen buis kraamhok

“Soft-Air ventilation ceilings have been applied successfully for years for optimal ventilation of farms for all animals. Sows are often housed in rooms with a low ventilation level where the ceiling consists of closed insulation plates with PVC tube of 200 mm placed above the head of the sow. This is unnecessary and it would be best to use the “Soft-Air” ventilation ceiling instead, in combination with a so called ‘Fresh Nose' tube that is installed 125-130 cm above the floor.

The application of this system has two advantages: The sow will receive more fresh air in the summer, because the air speed is higher in the thin tube and the tube is mounted closer to the sow. In the winter, the tube is simply closed with a lid. As a result, all of the air will pass through the ventilation ceiling where it is heated and distributed evenly across the room. The inlet of air does not need to be controlled. The tube should only be covered from mid-autumn to mid spring. Furthermore, it is possible to have the “Soft-Air” ventilation ceiling produced with a partly closed surface. We recommend in every weaning room to partly close the surface of the ceiling above the sow by 1 m. With a room width of about 6 m, there will be a total space available of about 150 cm for ventilation. This is enough for 200 to 250 m3 fresh air per hour per sow.

The application of a “Soft-Air” ventilation ceiling is not more expensive than the installation of a 60 mm closed ceiling with insulation plates. This may simplify one’s choice.

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