Twin pipe black: 20% more release of heat and can be supplied from stock

Twinpipes zwart

Due to an increase in demand for black twin pipes, Genugten Agri BV has decided that henceforth these products will be supplied from stock. The twin pipes will be available in 4 different lengths and the delivery time is less than one week.

Twin pipes are always installed in circuits in the air ventilation channels or against the walls. Sometimes it occurs in the project plan phase that there is not enough space for installation of sufficient heating capacity. In such a case, an extra circuit would have to be installed to increase the capacity with 30 to 50%. However, by replacing the existing planned circuit by black twin pipes, the original capacity will already be expanded by 20%. Whilst black twin pipes are more expensive, the total installation cost per KW will be cheaper, because the coupling and mounting costs in both situations are the same.

More and more heating pumps are used to capture energy from the air in the farm. The captured heat can be released by twin pipes. At a water temperature of 50°C and room temperature of 25°C, the regular twin pipes release 115 Watts and black twin pipes release 140 watts per square meter. At a circuit length of 50 m, the water will have a maximum cool down of 5°C. The twin pipes can be applied in circuits with a maximum size of 100 m (cool down max 10°C). Circuits can be expanded further by application of 28 mm twin pipes, yet this is seldom necessary in the pig industry. The 28 mm twin pipes are therefore mainly used in poultry housing.

Click here for the detailed brochure of the twin pipes.

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