Websites created by Seven Media are so designed that in most cases, you do not need to provide personal information. Should this be the case, Seven Media respects your privacy.


In some cases it is still necessary to provide personal information. For example when sending a form or signing a guest book. This information is always handled carefully and is never provided to parties that would exert a negative influence on you or your company.


Seven Media provides this privacy statement to alert you to the policies we implement and to reiterate that your choices in the provision of your personal information must be weighed carefully.


At some of our pages, you may be asked to publish your email address publicly. There is always the opportunity to check off this option. This email address is stored by us but not made publicly when checked off.


If you have signed a contact form on a website, this information is shared with the owner of the website. Seven Media is possible to see this information at any time but will not use such information for its own purposes.


When we offer pages where you can buy products or services, we will guarantee secure transactions and orders. To keep improving our communication and optimize the services we provide you might be asked for your interests, experience and other information. This information is never shared with third parties.


Seven Media will never sell or rent personal information to third parties, unless we obtain your consent or when it is required by law.