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Information about heating systems:

Because a good heating system is indispensable to ensure an optimum climate during cold periods, Genugten Agri supplies a wide range of materials for central heating in pig houses, including the TWINPIPE heating system, central flow and return pipes, heating pumps, valves, diffusion-tight hoses and distributor units. We will be happy to calculate the required heating capacity per room and for the entire farm for you and we can install the entire heating system in collaboration with specialised installation companies.

Twinpipes heating system

Our systems for room heating are based on the TWINPIPE heating system. TWINPIPES are extruded 22-mm diameter aluminium pipes with 2 fins. To improve their corrosion resistance, the TWINPIPES are anodised. The TWINPIPES can be attached both to the ceiling and along the walls. Thanks to the improved air flow along TWINPIPES, these pipes have a better heat delivery than delta pipes, enabling an output of over 200 watts per metre. Another advantage is the design of the TWINPIPES ensuring that no dust stays on them. The TWINPIPES are available in lengths of 1.45, 1.93, 2.90 and 5.80 metres and they are delivered from stock. If requested, the TWINPIPES can be delivered to size. All couplings and adapters, vent valves and fasteners are supplied by Genugten Agri B.V.

For more information you can download the leaflet about the twinpipes heating system:twinpipeEN.pdf