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Information about ventilation systems:

The combination of a good ventilation system with a “SOFT-AIR” ventilation ceiling enables a good climate in the house. Full or partial extraction below the grates can be combined excellently with this system. We supply all the necessary monitoring and control units, tubes, fans and climate control computers for both central and direct extraction. Genugten Agri has its own GENU-VENT thick-walled insulated ventilation tubes for easy integration into all roof types. These tubes with 5 cm thick insulation are supplied in diameters of up to 92 cm and are excellently suited to central extraction.

Central exhaust channels

Genugten Agri specialises in the construction of central exhaust channels. These channels are connected to your modular ceiling and/or air washer so that they are free from leaks. We calculate the capacity and configuration of the channels. And we can supply all compressed air fans required, plus the matching frequency drives.